Additional Services

Over Spray Removal

Paint over spray removal using dual action buffer and contaminant removal buffing pad

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration service performed to remove damaged coating and restore clarity to lenses

mobile car detailing, headlight restoration, Gwinnett Auto Appearance

Headlight Restoration

$80 per set

Headlights wet sanded with 5 different grits of sandpaper followed with compound and polish to bring back clarity to weathered lenses. Followed with ceramic coating to provide long lasting protection.

mobile car detailing, trim restoration, Gwinnett Auto Appearance

Engine Cleaning

$50 per vehicle

Engine compartment is treated with degreaser and carefully pressure washed then air blown to remove any residual moisture. Edges of compartment and underside of hood are shine with a liquid wax. Plastics and rubber hoses are dressed upon request.

mobile car detailing, clay bar application, Gwinnett Auto Appearance


$60 an hour

Wetsanding service is performed with light sanding disc and da polisher to remove most heavy scratches, water marks and oxidation from your vehicles finish. This service is peformed prior to our exterior detailing package.

mobile car detailing, clay bar application, Gwinnett Auto Appearance

Claybar Application

$60 an hour

Over spray and surface contaminants carefully removed leaving painted surfaces smooth and improving the gloss and clarity of your vehicles finish. Must follow with hand wax package or exterior detail package.

mobile car detailng, vinyl lettering removal, Gwinnett Auto Appearance

Protective Paint Film and Vinyl Lettering Removal

$60 per hour

Vinyl lettering and graphics safely loosened and removed with heat gun to prevent damage to the underlying paint surface. No scratching or chipping will occur. Then any remaining adhesive is removed with safety solvent.

mobile car detailing, rim polishing, Gwinnett Auto Appearance

Rim Polishing

$20 per rim

Rims machine polished to remove oxidation and bring back shine to faded aluminum, steel and chrome rims

mobile car cetailing, sio2 ceramic coating, ceramic coating,paint sealant, Gwinnett Auto Appearance

Paint Sealant 

 $20 additional

This quality sio2 infused ceramic coating product offers protection to your vehicle for up to 1 year. Also serves as a booster and filler over an existing ceramic coating.

mobile car detailing, fabric protectant, Gwinnett Auto Appearance

Fabric Protectant

$20 for

carpets or seats or $30 for all fabric

A fabric protectant application which repels spills for easier cleanup keeping the interior of your vehicle looking newer longer.